Queen Elizabeth's Wedding Gift to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Blow Your Mind

P.S. The present has a scandalous past. Eep!

Sakshi Dhyani

 Queen Elizabeth's present to the newlyweds came after two months, but it was worth the wait. The Queen gifted her grandson a cottage in the royal park. YES, a breathtaking cottage, it is!

(Picture: Matrixpictures.co.uk)

 According to a report in MailOnline, the Queen has offered the Grade II listed property to the newlyweds as a gift. The beautiful Adelaide Cottage is situated less than three kilometers away from Windsor Castle, where the couple got married two months ago. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already seen the property and will be moving in soon. 

The cottage was built in 1831 as a retreat for William IV’s wife Queen Adelaide. But, its most famous resident would definitely be Group Capt. Townsend, who was equerry to King George VI and was romantically involved with Princess Margaret. 

The ‘picturesque' cottage, as the heritage organisation Historic England described it, underwent renovation in 2015. There are no pictures available on the internet, but Historic England shared some attributes of this house nestled in the Crown Estate's private 655-acre royal park. The home reportedly has master bedroom with gilded dolphins on the coved ceiling and rope ornament from a 19th century yacht, Royal George, as well as  a Graeco-Egyptian fireplace.

The source also added, "There are seven gated entrances and exits to Windsor Castle so the newlyweds could come and go without worrying about being photographed."

Well, all we can say is that this is one hell of a wedding gift, and it seems like a perfect fit for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

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