4 Times Shah Rukh Khan Went the Extra Mile to Make Other Actors Feel Special

If #4 ever happens to us, we'd go straight to B-town heaven! 

Sakshi Dhyani

Shah Rukh Khan's movies might not be hitting jackpot at the box-office anymore, but if the success parameter in Bollywood is the love that fans pour on the star, then the actor has rightfully earned the title 'King Khan'. He redefined on-screen romance, wooed the audiences with his impeccable comic timing, and charmed us with his effortless charisma and humour (as if his dimples weren't enough for that!). The crowd in front of his house, or the long queue of fans waiting to meet him at an outdoor shoot or world tour, says a lot about his stardom. Excited fans who got to meet Shah Rukh revealed on Quora how the actor made them feel special. But, have you thought about the fans who eventually got to work with the star? 

1. Rajkummar Rao 

What happens when you get to know that the person you've idolized all your life knows everything about you? Eep! That's exactly what happened with Rajkummar when he finally met Shah Rukh Khan. 

"I was shooting in Mehboob(studio) and heard that Shah Rukh sir was there too. So I thought this was my chance—maybe I could meet him. I sent a message across—I didn’t think he’d know me, but he called me to his trailer. He knew my entire bio! He made me feel so special—I was already a fan, but that day I was probably his biggest."

2. Anushka Sharma

When it comes to making someone feel special, Shah Rukh is a pro. After getting married in a private ceremony in Italy, Anushka came back to a flowery welcome on the sets of the movie Zero. Shah Rukh Khan and his team had arranged this beautiful surprise for the newlywed bride. 

3. Sagarika Ghatge

It's every newcomer's dream to work with SRK. But, the same dream can get very intimidating when it actually comes true. The same happened with Sagarika when she shot the first Chak De! India scene with Shah Rukh. In an interview given to a leading daily, Sagarika shared how Shah Rukh helped her with the first shot. She said, “I was so nervous because all the girls stood on one side and I enter the field and I had to have that attitude when everybody is looking at you. I remember SRK sir telling me, ‘You just do your job and I would react to it.’ Today, when I look back, the way I say my dialogues, he pretty much answered back in the same way.”

4. Sushmita Sen

Chivalry will never go out of fashion and Shah Rukh knows it. When Sushmita met her Main Hoon Na co-actor at the airport he insisted to carry the bags for her. *insert infinite aww

"I was travelling alone with the #babies and the #gentlemen 'HE' is...insisted and carried my bags himself!!!! "


Is it even possible to love him more?! We guess it is!

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