Anushka Sharma Speaks Up About The Viral Sui Dhaaga Memes That Have Flooded the Internet

Her response shows her to be a positive person with a great sense of humour.

Simrit Tiwana

A few weeks ago the trailer of actor Anushka Sharma's film Sui Dhaaga was released, and people took notice and appreciated its unique story line and setting. The film also stars Varun Dhawan, and Anushka is almost unrecognisable as a simple village girl, wearing no makeup and printed sarees. What also caught peoples attention was Anushka's crying avatar in the trailer, which spurred a viral trend of Anushka Sharma memes. 'Crying Anushka' was placed in various mundane activities of life, starting from classrooms to even local train commutes. Check out some of the memes below. 


We got to admit, some of these are ROFL funny. Soon after they started, these memes took on a life of their own. They were all over the internet, no matter where you clicked or scrolled. Even co-star Varun couldn’t stop from sharing one and calling Anushka “Memes ki rani.”

That did leave us wondering how Anushka herself would react to this unexpected trend. Sure it was funny, but we all wondered how easy it was to see the humour when you are the target.

Well, the actress finally broke her silence and responded in a recent interview to Mid Day with this refreshingly positive reply. Here's what she had to say:

“I thought the memes were hilarious. I kept sharing them with Varun, Sharat (Katariya), and my friends.” She further added that she  considers it a compliment as it only goes to show that her character from the film has left an impression on the viewers. “It is a compliment that my character has stuck in people’s heads after they watched the trailer. Mamta has become a figure that everyone identifies with. Memes have become a common feature today. People actually dedicate time to make them. But in our case, it happened naturally, and that too, on a huge scale,” she added.

Way to go Anushka. We are glad to see that you know how not to take life too seriously. Talk about being positive and self confident. More power to you!

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