Vidya Balan Finally Addressed Those Pregnancy Rumours

Sassy as ever! 


Vidya Balan maybe laying low at the moment, but that doesn't mean she's out of the news. Thanks to sexist and regressive media outlets, Vidya has been the centre of pregnancy rumours of late — why? Because she's married. 


But the actor, as always, is above it all. In fact, recently, while she's taking a break from shooting the NTR biopic, Vidya was spotted outside a famous hospital in Khar, which is known for being the hospital that has seen many a star child's birth. So obviously, the paparazzi went into overdrive, trying to get her picture and asking her questions. 


Cool as ever, Vidya stopped her car, to roll down her window and immediately clarify that she was not pregnant, and that she was there for other reasons. Talk about anticipating the pap's moves! 


Well said, Vidya, and we hope the media can now shut up and move on to better things. 

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