Here are 5 Bollywood Stars and Their Commoner Look-Alikes

Mind = Blown!

Cosmoin India


First in list is a fashion student, Harneet Singh who has an uncanny resemblance to Parineeti Chopra.


Flaunting shaggy hair, stubble and *that* same smile is Junaid Shah, a student from Kashmir (who went viral on Whatsapp, few years ago) as Ranbir Kapoor's newest doppel ganger!


This is like one of those *runs into the mirror* moments for this John Abraham fan when he bumped into the actor in a store, took a photo that took rounds of the internet.


Feel the power, feel the punch! Dressed up like Salman's character from Bodyguard is a fan who has managed to build-up a muscular physique to match him some more! Gotta appreciate the effort!


Not to miss is the Priyanka Chopra look-alike who went viral on Instagram, few months ago. Navpreet Banga, a Vancouver-based fitness vlogger, took the internet by storm with her shocking resemblance to PC!

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