4 Ways to Have an Amazing Day At Work

Sure, an awesome day would be on the beach with a mimosa. But here's how you can have one when you've got to be chained to your desk instead...

Saumyaa Vohra


If you're going to have to spend an hour getting to work, make the most of it. First, work on being punctual. "Getting in on time, or a little early, helps your mindset for the day and helps promote a feeling of accomplishment," says Lynn Taylor on forbes.com. It may help to be a little pessimistic when planning your journey. Expect the worst, like bad traffic or terrible weather so you can build extra travel time into your schedule. "It also helps to listen to music you like on the way," adds Daniel Wallen of lifehack.org. "A good idea is to create a 'get psyched' playlist for the travel."


It's easy to get caught up in the daily humdrum of work life and forget the reason behind what you're doing. "Remind yourself of why you go to work. How does your job fit into the big picture of your life?" says Wallen. "Whether you're working to take care of your family, get experience, or make the big bucks, remember why you're there and the stress of the day will be nothing but a fleeting setback."


Afternoons are tricky, because you're neither fresh, nor excited about being done for the day. Instead of reaching for a cup of caffeine, sip on some green tea for an afternoon pick-me-up that won't keep you up all night. Munch on some healthy seeds or nuts for a quick energy boost and drink two glasses of water (dehydration can make you sleepy). Bonus tip: if you've been working on the same project all day, switch tasks to stimulate your mind.


Often, a day goes badly because of carry-on baggage from the previous day weighing you down. "Of course, projects from the previous day will roll over, but try to start afresh each day," says David Shindler, author of Learning To Leap. "Forget about the sh*t from yesterday, and hit the ground running. Get organised, and make a clear outline for your day. The clarity will give you a feeling of ease," he recommends.

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