If You Love Looking at Flat-Lays, These Are the Accounts to Follow!


Nikita Upadhyay

Instagram being one such place where curators from different kinds and walks of life put their content out there to inspire and showcase their talent for us. From illustrations to music to graffiti and period art, every creative person has at least, once in life tried to amp up their 'gram, maintaining a pretty layout. Ever postponed a post because it wasn't in sync with the photos already posted? Oh, we've all been there. The pressure of maintaining a beautiful feed is rule #1 for the creative souls out there. 

Here's where flat-lays come into the picture. It's amazing what beautiful products, objects, flowers and not to mention, perfect lighting can do for a photo!

We've comprised you a list of pages, that you should follow, if you love looking at flat-lays, 'cos let's admit, those  are oddly-satisfying!

1. Designbyaikonik

2. Flatlays

3. luxuryandopulence

4. yerdiansha

5. walids

6. kreshabajaj

7. midnight.merlot

8. pinkandpeonies

9. me_and_mango

10. pannalemoniada

11. ardaisy_

12. bookotter

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