The *Surprising* Reason You Keep Waking Up At the Same Time Every Night!

Ancient Chinese practice Feng Shui reveals...

Akshita Jolly

The lights are dim. The room is at a comfy temperature. You've even had your steaming cup of chamomile tea just to go that extra mile. You're out of the shower and between the sheets, drifting off into a snooze...and yet again, you find yourself waking up and checking your phone to see it flashing 3:15 AM. Just like last night, and the night before. Seems oddly familiar, doesn't it? 

Turns out, it's a phenomenon that is extremely common, which you've never really been able to put a finger on it, until just now. There's a theory that states that waking at a certain time of the night is actually a signal from your body about something going on inside, more appropriately, a particular organ.

According to Feng Shui (an ancient Chinese practice), different hours of the night are associated with different parts of your body and your emotional state of mind. In fact, the Chinese Meridian clock states that as the day progresses, energy is transferred across all body parts. So waking up at one particular time consistently, could indicate that something is blocking that energy flow — disrupting your sleep cycle. 

courtesy: Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

While sleeping may seem like a waste of time (we're looking at you, you overzealous worker), it is a blessing for your body. And a necessary one, that too. It's nap time for your mind, the body is busy repairing and regulating itself — more like prepping up for the next day! Waking up too often in the night and finding it difficult to fall back to sleep can make you really cranky and groggy the next day. 

So basically, if you refer to this chart and pinpoint your most frequent time of disturbance, you can identify the underlying issue responsible for it, and even remedy it. Think of it as your body's way of talking to you, and asking you to focus on fixing whichever part is not functioning well. For instance, if you're waking up somewhere between 5-7 in the morning, when your large intestine is active, it could mean that your poor diet is a cause for concern here. 

You could even dig deeper and analyse the psychological triggers which could be behind it and work your way to not just a healthy sleep — but a healthier lifestyle in general!



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