Love On Camera

We got three ace photographers to share images that encapsulate different forms of loves in a photograph.

Meghna Sharma


“This is a candid picture of a ragpicker I befriended during the documentation of a landfill site. This picture is so symbolic...both of them orphaned by hate, bought together by love. Sometimes, the simplest things in life can evoke
such strong emotions.”


“This image explores the relationship between human beings and nature. We’re often too tied down to technology, not appreciating the important things in life. Connecting with our ‘being’ and preserving the beauty of nature is, according to me, the truest form of love.”


“Love both fools you and fulfills you. The problem is, you will never know which one is it doing. This picture of Yerine Park looking at her cat Leo in such a loving way sums up the purest form of love...”

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