John Oliver Finally Took On Donald Trump and It Was Better Than You Can Imagine!

No, seriously...he did.

Aishwarya Dravid

​There's a reason why Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is one of the best news parody shows out there. He calls it like he sees it. Remember his skit about the elections in India?

But last Sunday, he took on a really controversial figure. Donald Trump! And he really did show no mercy. 

Starting with refuting everything that Trump (and his supporters) claims he stands for, to talking about how he contradicts himself, Oliver laid out all the cards.

And of course, gave us the best advice ever. The people need to stop getting blinded by the magic of his name, and instead think of him as something else, like Donald Drumpf. He even announced the launch of a website that downloads an extension to your browser which automatically changes Donald Trump's name to Donald Drumpf.

That's one thing we're sure he won't be able to live down.

Here, watch the video right now:

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