What Makes A Girl Better In Bed?

4 men tell Cosmo.


We hit the streets to find out...

“I like a girl to be relaxed with me when we have sex, so that she’s not afraid to express herself. I like girls in general, but now I do look for girls with great personalities more than I did when I was younger.”

–Karan, 27, Delhi.

“She has to be energetic, adventurous and just have fun. For me, a girl has to feel sexy and look good.”

–Chirag, 20, Bangalore

“She needs to exude ‘sexiness’—not in an overpowering way, but she has to be confident. A good body helps too! My ideal girl would be Megan Fox because she just oozes sex appeal.”

–Jatin, 25, Mumbai

“I really love the element of passion and that moment when you just can’t keep your hands off each other. As a sporty kind of guy, I love sex to be exciting, so I like to try lots of new positions.”

–Ramit, 23, Mumbai

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