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Akshita Jolly
Akshita Jolly
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I'm in love with the 'shape' of you...

No PDA, yet it's so obvious. ❤️

Admit it, you've tried it too.

Bonus: Ranbir's candid confessions about their relationship in a recent interview.

No, it's not the one which was flooding your Instagram all this while.

...and addresses the rumours of having a date in mind!

The couple that slays together, stays together!

Bonus: a peek at their post-engagement celebration.

Can't wait to see how Vicky Kaushal portrays his negative character in this film!

Reportedly, they're all set to say 'I do' at Lake Como on November 10. 

With a final timing of 15 hours 54 minutes, she mastered a feat most of us wouldn't even dare to dream!