Sakshi Dhyani
Sakshi Dhyani
Sakshi Dhyani
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Is that why it's banned by the royal family?

But, the real question is who she's moving in with???

Thanks to the 2018 Insta-story recaps, we know *exactly* how the past year was for our near and dear ones. Success, struggles, bittersweet moments, 2018 had it all. But, for some love-birds in Bollywood, the past year was quite memorable. 

In case you were looking for an effective skincare routine, Mr. Patrick Liew, Retail & Education Director at L'Oreal Group Luxe Asia Pacific, shares why Kiehl's is your best bet. 

#4 is so gross.

Okay, so that explains the mood swings. 

No panting, no sweats involved.

Shweta Bachchan Nanda recently made her Instagram account public.