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Sreeparna Mazumder
Sreeparna Mazumder
Sreeparna Mazumder
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Is the future of fashion gender fluid? Meet 6 Indian designers who are breaking the binary. 

Cosmo brings to you the hottest new (and some veteran) artists to watch out recommended by four of the country’s most prolific art fair and festival directors

We caught up with these women who are spearheading the change, one episode at a time. Tune in!  

Forget about Vegas. These hot spots that may not be obvious choices, but promise both photographs and memories that will be cherished forever.

She has served in the Indian Air Force for 15 years. 

Who says denim is just for jeans? Here is a run down of the denim trends, some wearable, some OTT— that are making us sit up and take notice. 

As Cosmo to know the new belle in town, Tara talks passionately about her art, her definition of love, dealing with online trolls and more...

In a Cosmopolitan exclusive interview, Tara talks passionately about her art, the archaic concept of pitting women against women, her definition of success, and more....  

Anyone above the age of 21 can apply for a passport and citizenship.

Cosmo's July coverstar has some pressing issues to the lack of female talent working behind the scenes in Bollywood.

These body-positivity crusaders are redefining ‘beauty’ by portraying women of different shapes and sizes through an honest, inclusive lens.  

In an exclusive interview with Cosmo, the actor speaks out about why young women should focus on developing a personality (not just their looks) and the 'size' debate that refuses to die down.

She’s known as a first generation feminist who fought for women’s rights throughout her career.

She worked with Savitrabai Phule to empower women and abolish social evils.