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Humra Afroz  Khan
Humra Afroz Khan
Senior Features Editor
Humra Afroz Khan
Senior Features Editor
Humra writes extensively for the fashion and lifestyle sections of the magazine, along with numerous, monthly stories on various other issues - social, economic, mental health-related, and more

Politician and MP Mahua Moitra opens up to Cosmo about how she’s getting used to living life in the public eye, why she “really likes” her younger self, and what happens when women put themselves in ‘gender silos’...  

Meet five digital collage artists piecing together a kaleidoscope of imagery that doesn’t just make for idiosyncratic artwork for your living room, but also challenges norms, blurs gender boundaries, and asks socially-crucial questions.   

Boxing heavyweight, Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, gets candid about life in and outside the ring, what she is binge-watching currently, and why she would love to have dinner with Jackie Chan.

In this candid conversation, the 30-year-old opens up about her journey so far and why it Is okay if you haven’t figured OUT your passion yet.  

The 24-year-old takes Cosmo through some lockdown-induced realisations and opens up about having a wonderful time on the relationship front. 

In an exclusive interview with Cosmo India, the actor opens up about being a “risk taker,” a “romantic” and about his hidden talents.  

Executive Director, Emcure Pharma, and India Head, YEA!, Namita Thapar talks to Cosmo about her journey to the top of the rung on the business-ladder among other insightful learnings from her stint so far.  

Cosmo India talks to the actor about films and other subjects, the more noteworthy minutiae of Aditya's famous-but-discreet life come tumbling out, as he gets candid about work, his not-so-well-documented skills off the camera, why he likes to dress as if it is still 2005, and more...

The designer sits down with Cosmo to tell us all about his latest stint in Hollywood, the brand’s journey of 30 years in the fashion industry, the collection he holds the closest to his heart, and why he doesn’t play favourites.

Newly-turned author, and Founder and CEO of Bare Necessities, Sahar Mansoor  talks to Cosmo about her foray into the zero-waste life, the pressing need to live a mindful life, and the imminent dangers that need our attention before it’s too late.

In an exclusive chat with Cosmo, the engineer-turned-actor opens up about his journey to Bollywood, the perks and perils of stardom, his improved interactions with the ladies, among other facts.

In an exclusive chat with Cosmo India, the actor opens up about having always lived life on his own terms—punctuated with a soupçon of refreshing rebellion every now and then—to stand out, not merely fit in

Alaya Furniturewala’s debut film—released last year—turned out to be a success and her revamped social media account is growing by the day. The 22-year-old speaks to Cosmo about all things close to her heart