These Are the 6 Golden Rules of Good Hair Care

The hair care oracle has spoken...




Ask any disney princess and she will tell you , your hair make your looks , your appearance and is basically your crowning glory . Expensive treatments and products aside , there are six basic rules for good hair care all us ladies should follow, to keep our mane of luscious locks looking shiny , glossy and oh so healthy. Read on the know the details...

1.Wash your hair two or three times a week , max : How often you should wash your hair seems to be a constant question most ladies are asking , but experts have now come to agree that cutting back is possibly a good thing. Your hair has vital oils which are designed to protect and condition your locks , that can be lost by over shampooing , no matter how much you crave clean feeling tresses. The curlier your hair , the longer you can wait between washes.

2. Avoid hot showers : Cool water is better for the hair , as hot water will dry out your hair and lead to tangles and breakage. Also don't over do the amount of shampoo you use and concentrate solely on the scalp and not on the ends.

3.Towel dry your hair before applying conditioner : Excess water in your hair will leave the conditioner unable to penetrate your hair shaft and do its good work , so squeeze out excess water and towel dry before applying a good conditioner and rinsing for the best results. For conditioner you should concentrate on the ends and avoid the roots.

4. Brush your hair twice a day : Grandma was right all along , telling you to brush your hair to keep it shiny and healthy. Don't attack your locks with too much gusto though , treat it nicely and gently brush for a minute from bottom up in the mornings and evening . Also use a comb on wet hair ( wide toothed ) and keep your brushes clean.

5. Use a low heat setting on your dryer and point your nozzle down : Over heating and excessive blow drying can kill your hair and give you dry ,damaged locks. Use a heat protecting agent , point the nozzle down and wait to air dry your hair before styling at a lower setting for best results.

6. Say yes to hair oil and dry shampoo : Applying castor or other hair oils to your scalp in moderate amounts can actually regulate oil production and keep hair healthy. Dry shampoo is a great way to give volume and avoid over washing , and a drop of castor oil goes a long way to add shine and finish to your locks.