8 Genius Hacks to Walk Comfortably in High Heels

Guaranteed to help you look wow without the oww!!




Ask any girl who loves wearing high heels and she will will happily recite to you a love hate story as long and complex as Gone With the Wind. As fabulous as the perfect pair of Louboutins can look , wearing high heels for long periods of time can seem like a cruel punishment on many occasions.

How does one deal with it ,however , when the job or occasion demands it or you just simply want to look fab? Worry not fair damsels in distress , we come swooping in as your knights in patent leather armour , ready to give you the best tricks to take the sharpness out of your stiletto.

1.Wear the right size : This one is the gospel truth. Never buy heels that are even half a size smaller as they will end up cutting and chaffing your feet. Same goes for bigger sizes as well , so make sure ur heels fit just right.

2. Invest in gel inserts : These provide a cushion for your tired feet and are the perfect way to literally take the pressure off.

3.Adopt the right gait and posture : Walk heel to toe and avoid slouching to prevent putting unnecessary pressure on your feet and causing painful bruises.

4.Sandpaper the bottom : Smooth soles can cause you to lose balance and slip , so sandpapered shoes can help improve the grip and go easy on the feet.

5.Tape your third and fourth finger together : This is on the feet of course , and it works like a charm every single time . Reducing the pressure on the ball of your feet , this one helps you dance the night away , pain free.

6.Balm your feet right up : From lip balm to vaseline , put a protective layer on the heels of your feet to keep blisters away.

7.Open out your shoes : Make a temporary shoe last by filling a zip lock with water and inserting in your shoe. Freeze overnight to stretch out the shoe and make it more comfy for your tired peepers.

8.Invest in some heel grips : These give you a better hold and prevent scarring the back of your feet.