6 Simple Ways to Avoid Greasy Hair and Scalp Problems

Every day = Good hair day




1. ​Change Your Hair Brush and Brush Habits

A natural bristle brush keeps oil away from your roots as compared to a plastic one. So, changing the way you brush (and the brush itself), every four months is a common method to stop your scalp from getting greasy.

2. Pick The Right Shampoo

When your scalp is healthy, your hair is less likely to get oily. Finding a shampoo that balances the natural moisture of your scalp is a must.

3. Try to Shampoo Less Frequently

​Most of us think that shampooing more often would help keep greasiness at bay, but that's a myth! Shampooing more only makes this condition worse. Washing your hair frequently will drain necessary oils from your scalp, making it even more of a grease magnet.

4. Rinse Thoroughly

Irrespective of which shampoo you're using, you'll want to make sure your shampoo is properly rinsed off your hair. Poorly washed hair contribute to residue and buildup, which definitely causes more oiliness in scalp.

5. Avoid Touching Your Hair

We're all guilty of flipping our hair throughout the day, but it's wise not to touch the hair when you have a greasy scalp. The touch of our fingers makes scalp to generate more sebum which obviously is the problem here.

6. Add Vitamin B Rich Foods Into Your Diet

To keep the production of sebum in control eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B like bananas, seafood, oats and leafy green​ veggies. Apple cider vinegar can also help restore the natural pH balance of your hair!