This is the One Indian Superberry You Need to be Eating For Younger Looking Skin

P.S It is easily available!




​Berries are all the craze right now , known for their spectacular health and beauty benefits and antioxidant properties. While imported varieties like Goji berries and Acai berries being touted as the next big thing internationally, we in India need not look so far . We have our own superfood berry growing literally in our backyards , with amazing health and beauty benefits.

We are talking about the Amla , or Indian Gooseberry, an unbelievable powerhouse of nutrients and minerals. Known for generations for its amazing health benefits , here is a list of ways in which adding Amla to your diet is beneficial .

1.High nutrient content for immunity : Full of antioxidants and rich source of Vitamin C , Iron , Potassium and Calcium , Amla helps keep immunity levels high and prevent upcoming illnesses.

2.Hair growth and rejuvenation : Amla has been used for centuries to prevent hair loss , massaging amla oil into the scalp increases blood circulation.

3.Eye care : The Carotene in Amla helps with many eye issues such as near sightedness and helps to strengthen the vision.

4.Anti-ageing properties : The anti-oxidents in Amla help to keep you looking young and fresh and help keep the skin healthy.

5.Fights against heart diseases: Amla helps prevent clogging of arteries and leads to a healthy heart.

Being easily available , including amla in your diet does not have to burn a hole in your pocket . You can use amla to make a juice , chutney or concentrate , or just sprinkle with some salt and enjoy their tart freshness and benefits.

We for one, are heading for our daily Amla goodness fix, ASAP.