Glossier's New Concept Store Looks Like a Beauty Funhouse

The store features infinity mirrors and hidden panels!

Glossier (a.k.a the cult makeup brand behind Boy Brow and Milky Jelly Cleansers with millennial-friendly packaging) announced they would be delving into the fragrance industry in October, and now the launch of their new perfume "Glossier You" is finally here.

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As an added surprise, Glossier opened up a concept store in NYC on Sunday specifically dedicated to the new perfume, which is described as "the ultimate personal fragrance."

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The store, located at 123 Lafayette Street, features an infinity mirror room and hidden, sliding panels where customers are sprayed with Glossier's new scent. The space, which is decorated with red and magenta carpet, curtains, and displays, was inspired by founder Emily Weiss's interest in theater and performance art.

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The concept store opened on Sunday and Glossier fans can buy the debut fragrance in store until December 31. Even after the concept store closes, the scent will still be available for purchase online, so if you can't make a trip all the way to the Big Apple, you can shop it below.

BUY NOW Glossier You, $60

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