7 Gutsy Hairstyles Every Twentysomething Woman Must Try

Play up that hair, girl!




​Need a new look?! Why not start with your hair? Changing up your hairstyle will instantly make you look and feel like a new person! Below are our top 7 hairstyles every twentysomething woman something should try!

1) Fierce Bangs
Blunt bangs are super fierce and and will give you a fun, edgy look! 

2) Funky Colour Hair
Why not try a colour from the rainbow? It's unique and screams confidence!

3) LOB
The long bob is definitely here to stay! This style is hassle free and fashion forward! 

4) Dutch Braids
The go-to hairstyle for anyone that wants to keep hair off the face but still look ah-mazing! 

5) Glam Curls
The ultimate hairstyle for the ultimate glam girl. Truly timeless!

6) Ombre
Wanna try something new without totally changing you hair color? Ombre is the way to go! 

7) Shoulder Length Waves
The perfect hairstyle for unwashed hair which is both chic and effortless!

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