Doing This One Thing is Damaging Your Hair

Don't say we didn't warn you!




We put our hair through a lot between pulling, tugging, heat styling, etc.! But do you know the one mistake you are making that's even worse? 

Brushing your hair while it is still wet! Those guilty of doing this, raise your hands! *ME*, Yikes! 

For most of us, brushing hair straight out of the shower is second nature. What we don't realize is that wet hair sooooo weak and brushing it at its most fragile stage can cause split ends and breakage! We already have so many other things to worry about, like why our bf hasn't texted back yet, we do not need to worry about hair damage.

Lucky for us, there are a few other (gentle) ways to dry and tame wet hair:

1) Towel Dry: Put your hair up in a towel and forget about it! Do your makeup or small errands, and let the towel soak up excess water.

2) Air Dry: Let your hair air dry up to 80% before running under a blow dryer. This way, you are ensuring that the normal strength of your hair is almost back. 

3) Detangle with your fingers: If you must remove tangles from your hair, use your fingers while wet. Once the hair is almost dry, go back and brush through with a wide toothed-comb.

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