7 Super-Easy Ways to Hide Your Fringe and Look Like a Million Bucks

Because growing one out is annoying AF.

I have a love-hate relationship with my fringe. When I don't have one, I want one, and when I do have one, I want to get rid of it. If you've ever had a fringe, chances are you've felt the same.

These fringe feelings aren't new to me though. I've had one on and off ever since I was little, and while I love how cutting in a fringe can change up your look instantly without losing length anywhere else, I'm not the biggest fan of trying to tame tiny, unruly strands on a daily basis.

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So, what is it that sends me back into the vicious cycle that is wanting a fringe, getting one, liking it for a hot sec, and then wanting it to disappear? It has everything to do with seeing someone with a fierce fringe (Hi, Selena!) and having bang envy. Because the envy, my friends, is R E A L.

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But let me warn you: If you like to change up your hair as often as I do, you're either going to have to read stories like this one on how to make your hair grow faster to get rid of your fringe fast, or get really good at styling your hair different ways to disguise the fact that you have a fringe.

Personally, while I do take vitamins to help my hair grow long and healthy, when I want to switch up my style in a pinch, I have to get crafty when it comes to figuring out ways to hide the fringe — especially when I wake up and it looks like this:

Hence, the below seven ways to hide your fringe, courtesy of hairstylist Bennett Grey:​

1. The Double Dutch Braided Pigtails

If your fringe was just cut or trimmed, and is on the shorter side, try braiding it into a style like this one. To achieve this look, part your hair down the centre and begin plaiting three strands down the left side of your head, weaving the pieces under one another rather than over. (To learn how to braid this way, click here.) This causes the plait to stand out (think 3-D) as opposed to blending in with your hair. Repeat on the right side. When you've reached the back of your ear, secure it in a ponytail or braid it all the way to the bottom, depending on the desired look.

Fringe begone!

2. The Kelly Kapowski Hair Flip

I'm a huge fan of this flipped hairstyle because it doesn't take long to coax your fringe into the side-swept style. To get the look, simply use some texturising spray to give your fringe a gritty texture so it stays back when you run your fingers through your hair, and then add some hairspray to secure it in a side sweep.

And voilà​! You look like a member from Saved by the Bell, and no one will ever question whether or not you have a fringe.

3. The Three-Second Side Braid

​To recreate this quick braid, side-part your hair in line with the arch in your eyebrow, and then take three strands of hair and start braiding the hair along your hairline into a traditional plait. Continue braiding your hair toward the back of your head, pulling and including pieces near your temple, and then secure it at the ends.

Boom: no fringe.

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4. The Kim Kardashian-Inspired Slicked-Back Look

This look is one of my go-tos, especially if I have to jump in the shower and am already running late.. All you do is absorb some of the excess water from your hair with a microfiber towel, brush it back into place with a Wet Brush or your fingertips, apply TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray into your palms to lock in the wet look, and then rake the product through your hair while it's wet. I love this look because it looks super-intentional, but it's really just the quickest style to execute so you're not late to brunch, work, drinks, a date — wherever.

5. The Bejewelled Halo Braid

If you have longer hair and want to put it all up, this is a style that will not only keep your fringe off your face, but it will look like you also put in a lot of time and effort into your style (when it really only takes about five minutes). Recreate it by starting the braid near the back left side of your head by the nape of your neck. Continue to braid along the left side of your head, across your hairline, and around the back of your head. Finally, secure the end of your plait so it wraps around to the starting point of your braid.

To add some extra bling to your style, weave a necklace or a bracelet (like I did here) through the braid — or, leave it out for a more casual, boho feel. You can always pancake the braid as well to make it look thicker by gently tugging at the sides of the plait. Either way, your fringe will be totally hidden, which is key.

6. A Smoothed Centre Part

Another trick I use a lot when trying to camouflage my fringe is wet my hair, part it down the centre, and slip on a hat. While I'm wearing the hat, I typically do my makeup so I can let the tight-fitting cap train my hair flat as I'm applying my foundation, blush, mascara — you get the point. Then, when I take it off, I hit my hair with some heat from a blow-dryer, followed by a shot of cool air to lock down the smoothed strands.

And there you have it: a smoothed fringe that stays put.

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7. A Braided Topknot

Another cute, speedy style you can create to keep your fringe out of your face is this braided bun. To copy this look, section off three strands of hair at your hairline and plait them, grabbing more hair each time you cross the pieces over one another. Then, when you get to the crown of your head, wrap your hair into a topknot and pin the ends with a bobby pin to secure it.

Bye, fringe!

Hair by: Bennett Grey

Makeup by: Tatiana Donaldson

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