The Beauty Secrets Only a Supermodel Can Tell You

These girls are privy to the best in fashion and beauty—so we asked them to share those great tricks...

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    Carol Gracias

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    Sanea Sheikh

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    Nidhi Sunil

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    Archana Akil Kumar

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    Nina Manuel


  • "I apply powder to my lashes after the first coat of mascara and then apply another coat. Instant thick lashes!"

  • "For oily hair, just put Johnson's Baby Powder in the roots. It soaks up the oil and your hair looks bouncy and voluminous."

  • "Dust white powder on your hair for contrast. In the light, it looks like you have highlights. Works great for dark hair."

  • "Double-sided tape comes in really handy. Stick it in your pumps if they're slightly loose or to a plunging neckline, to give it some form.

  • "Use carrot oil for a beautiful, sun-kissed tan—it enhances the natural glow and colour of your face."