8 Face Yoga Exercises That Will Give You Younger And Firmer Looking Skin

Move over Botox. This all natural way to look younger kicks the ass of any artificial procedure!

f you'd try anything except a facelift to look younger, Face Yoga may be right up your alley. According to yoga experts , just following some simple moves daily can sculpt and lift your cheeks , trim face fat and keep you younger-looking.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it's not . Ever noticed how yoga and fitness guru's have the most glowly , young and fresh looking skin? Well , it seems that doing face yoga is the natural answer. And guess what? Plenty of celebs are doing it as well.

So if you want to give it a try and don't know where to start , look no further!Here are six easy to do exercises you can try in the comfort of your home for younger and firmer looking skin.

1. The X and O exercise

This exercise greatly helps in strengthening your cheek and jaw muscles. These two words will induce a lot of movement and hence burns fat in this region. To begin with, keep your head stiff and relax your face. Utter the letters X and O in such a way that your jaws, cheek and lips show movement. Repeat the same for ten times and then ease.

2. The cheek lift

To begin with, close your lips smoothly. Try to pull your cheeks towards your eyes. That is, raise the corners of your lips by smiling widely. Hold for about 10 seconds. Smiling is an excellent way to exercise your cheek muscles. The best thing about smiling is that it also elevates your mood.

3.Fish Face

This exercise is good for the cheeks and jaws too. It also gives your lips a great shape. To begin with, softly close your lips. Draw your cheeks inwards as much as possible, which gives a 'fish face' look and hence the name of the exercise. Try smiling while holding this posture.Hold for about 15 seconds. Relax and repeat the exercise for five times.

4.Saxophone cheeks

To begin with, close the lips firmly. Suck air through mouth and then puff up your cheeks. Try to hold the air for about 5 seconds in your right cheek and then exhale. Switch and hold the air in your left cheek. Repeat the same for 10 times and then get back to the original posture.

5.Puppet face

This exercise works on your entire face. It will strengthen your cheek muscles, so that they do not become loose. Most people go for botox to get this kind of look. To begin with, place the tip of your fingers where your cheeks crinkle on your face when you smile. Push your cheeks up at this point and hold the smile. Stay in this posture for thirty seconds and then return back to your original pose.

6.Face stretches

After performing all your facial exercises, your cheek muscles may feel exhausted. This exercise is mainly done for relaxing your muscles and to overcome soreness. To begin with, sit or stand in a comfortable position. Relax your shoulders and open your mouth and eyes as much as possible. This will stretch your cheeks. Be in the position for twenty seconds and then come back to the original posture.

7.Pout and tilt

This one works great for double chins . Sit in straight posture. Bend your head backwards. Make a stiff pout and hold it like this for 10 seconds. Do 2 more sets of this.

8.V exercise for droopy eyes and crows feet

In this workout you need to place both of your middle fingers in the blank between your eyebrows where you wear your bindi and index fingers just beside the outer corner of the eyes. Then gently move the index fingers upwards and outwards and look up. Hold this pose for 4 seconds and release. Do 5 sets one after another.