3 Ways to Rock the Orange Hue On Your Peepers

Always wanted to be a lollipop lady? Stop traffic with these orange lids.


If you’re not ready for a single shock of shadow, jazz up a classic metallic eye with a hint of neon, as seen at Chromat. Using a cream shadow and your fingers, “dab a small amount on the inner corners of the eyes,” says make-up artist and Real Techniques Co-Founder Nicola Chapman. “Then grab another metallic paint pot a couple of shades darker than your skin tone and run that all over the top of the eyelid.” Finish with a swish of mascara and black liner inside the top and bottom waterline. You’re ready for your close-up.


It’s time to own your overboard feline flicks. You know the ones where you’re trying to even out your eyeliner and all of a sudden, it’s covering your entire eyelid? Yep, those ones. According to Nicola, mastering the House Of
Holland look is super-easy. First, make sure you slather on an eyeshadow primer, then “using an orange eye paint and a shading brush, follow the eyelid crease, winging it out at the corner.” If you’ve gone a bit eye-paint happy, just clean up your mistakes with a cotton bud (we won’t tell anyone). “For maximum impact, keep brows, lips and cheeks almost product-free.” It’s that simple.


If Atlein is anything to go by, cried-off make-up just got wearable. And this time you won’t be needing that crappy ex to achieve the look. Nicola recommends working from the centre of the eye outwards, using a “cream eyeliner and a fine brush for an orange cat-eye flick”. Then, for the fun part: “Using a shadow brush, smudge the colour under the outside corners of the eyes. For definition, finish with a waterproof black liner in the top waterline. No
Kleenex required.

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This article was originally published in August 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan India.