How to Make Your Skin Behave Itself!

Got an annoying skin issue? Our expert panel of dermatologists fix your biggest problems.

“I turn red when I’m out in the sun, but I don’t want to splash water on my face and mess up my make-up.” —Ria, 25

Dr Rais: “You may suffer from flushing or rosacea, and treatment is better than covering up. Sunscreen is key, applied half an hour before stepping out. Add an umbrella or wide brimmed cap for extra protection. If you have rosacea, it may help to avoid triggers like spicy food, hot drinks, etc. Various light and laser treatments, plus creams, may also help tackle the redness.”

My bug bites get inflamed even if I don’t scratch, and the scars last months. Help! —Priyanjali, 23

Dr Oberoi: “Avoid itching the area and use a lotion that contains menthol. Bites that are red, painful or bumpy need to be examined and treated.”

My mineral foundation has SPF. Do I need extra sunscreen? —Reema, 28

Dr Rais: “If it’s SPF 30 and above, you don’t need more. Do use an adequate quantity to cover the entire face.”

How do I deal with the combo of oily T-zone/dry cheeks without using two different cleansers? —Sonia, 22

Dr Rais: “Use a cleanser for oily skin, and follow up with a non-greasy, non-comedogenic (that doesn’t block pores to cause blackheads) moisturiser for normal skin." 

If I take off my make-up and sunscreen with face wipes at the end of the day,is it as good as washing? —Preeti, 32

Dr Oberoi: “No. Wipes contain alcohol and fragrances, which are very drying. Use a cleanser to remove make-up, followed by a face wash.”

Is it okay to use an exfoliating cleanser seven days a week? —Smedha, 27

Dr Rais: “Exfoliating cleansers or scrubs should not be used on a daily basis, as repeated scrubbing can lead to skin darkening over a period of time.”

I only get pimples on my chin. Is it from my phone? —Latika, 23

Dr Chhabra: “Pimples appear due to hyperactive sebaceous glands in this area and constant stimulation can lead to aggravation. While your phone could be a carrier of infection, it can’t be the primary reason.”

I think my sunscreen clogs my pores. What should I do? —Isha, 25

Dr Oberoi: “Use a non-comedogenic sunscreen containing zinc oxide. Pick a gel-cream based sunscreen if you have acne-prone skin.”