8 Celeb Share Beauty Tips That They Learnt From Their Moms

They’ve got this lovely with a little help from mum...

Sonakshi Sinha


“Mom told me to rub ice on my skin. It really helps tighten pores and gives me a nice, healthy glow. I use it to achieve a natural blush!” 

Shilpa Shetty

shilpa shetty

“She told me to never use soap on my face.” 

Petra Nemcova


“Mom was all about changing creams as soon as they finished. She was of the opinion that you get different benefits from each cream, so try something new to cover all skin concerns.” 

Yaami Gautam


“That the kitchen is the best salon! Her exfoliator was made with rice powder, egg whites and lemon juice.” 

Eva Mendez


“She dusted baby powder in her hair to get a tousled look. It’s a great trick I now use!” 

Kristen Bell


“Start your skincare regimen early. So she had me using an eye cream by the time I was 18.” 

Sarah Jane Dias


“Natural skincare! I mix milk and honey to moisturise. I add more milk, if it’s warm, and more honey, when it’s cold.” 

Nicole Scherzinger

“She used to make me wash my hair with vinegar, raw eggs, and even mayonnaise. I guess it worked, because I still have my hair!”