4 Ways to Fight Hangover Face

Cheers to looking awake in no time!

Dark-coloured liquor contains more congeners (a by-product of fermentation) than clear booze does, explains Paula Simpson, a holistic beauty nutritionist. This results in headaches and a dull, worn-out look.
Hangover Helper: Detox with Clinique’s exfoliating wash, then pat on Dior’s serum. Its fatty acids help restore luminosity.

The downside to a vino buzz: redness. “The likely culprits are sulfites, preservatives associated with dilated capillaries, and histamines, compounds that develop during fermentation,” says Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, a derm in the US.
Hangover Helper: Soothe a cabernet-like complexion by wearing Innisfree’s aloe-based sheet mask, then smoothing on a calming serum with niacinamide (like this one by Dermalogica), which reduces inflammation.

A few brews don’t just bloat your belly. They also make your skin puffy, says Paula. To blame: beer’s high carb and calorie content.
Hangover Helper: Rub Shiseido’s cooling essence onto your skin—it refreshes skin in seconds. Then pop on these Peter Thomas Roth hyaluronic acid—infused patches to deflate under-eye bags.

All that sugar can lead to fine lines and pimples. Sweets set off an inflammatory reaction that boosts cortisol levels, which, long-term, can poke holes in collagen and elastin, says Marina Peredo, MD, a dermatologist in NYC. And the hormonal imbalance can bring on acne ASAP, says Dr Marina.
Hangover Helper: Apply Plum’s green tea, bacteria-busting mask for 20 minutes, then follow with this Pond’s cream—it contains Intelligent Pro Cell Complex, and retinol, which repairs skin.