This Party Season, Let TRESemmé Make You Look Like a Glam Goddess

  Psst! Who knew getting salon style hair care at home could be this easy?  

Winter has officially arrived and brings with it many things we adore — amazing winter wear, hot drinks, and, of course, loads of parties. Party season is upon us, and while we’re out buying new outfits and accessories to make sure we’re at our sparkly best, let’s spare a thought (or two) for the most important part of our look — the hair. 

This season, we thought we’d let you in on a little Cosmo secret to getting great party hair, without spending a small fortune at the salon — TRESemmé! This year is a special one for the brand, as it successfully completes five years in India and, in honour of that, has re-launched their classic line of shampoos and conditioners, in a whole new avatar with the ProCollection. The products have been carefully curated by experts to make sure we women get salon-quality, professional care right in our homes. What’s more, the Botanique range of shampoos are all infused with natural ingredients like Keratin proteins, Argan oil, camellia oil, marine minerals and more, and are paraben- and dye-free. 

With the ProCollection range, TRESemmé will help take your party hair care regimen to a whole new level. Not only will it nourish your hair and keep it safe from damage from ironing and styling products, but also make it shine like a billion dollars! And that’s the kind of confidence we women need, just like Edna L Emme, founder of TRESemme, rightly said: “If a woman is feeling low in her mind, a trip to the beauty shop will pep her up every time.”  

So, this festive season, channel your inner Edna and let your hair do all the talking. Here are some super helpful tutorials from TRESemmé professionals on different styles that you can easily try at home that will make you look and feel like a goddess: 

The Classic Sleek Look

This one goes with most outfits and is great for an elegant yet fun vibe. 

The Brushed Out Wave

Casual waves are great for any occasion — a brunch party or a soiree. 

The Twisted Bun 

This bun is so easy to do and looks like a professional job. Also, it’s great for a classy dinner out. 

The Knot So Greek Hair

This fun, quirky bun will have all eyes on you, guaranteed.