22 Tiny Foot Tattoos That Will Make You Want to Wear Sandals All Year Round

Don't do that though. It's cold.

If you're after a super cute tattoo but aren't entirely sure where to get it, look no further than your feet - the perfect place for a small, delicate design or a full on inking to show off in your sandals.

Or all year round, actually...

1. A lotus flower


2. A dinosaur one

3. A mountain peak


4. A celestial sun and moon

5. A little heart

6. A Harry Potter one


7. A pizza emoji


8. Another lotus flower


9. This bunny rabbit


10. An airplane


11. A timer

12. A delicate flower

13. Eat Pray Love

14. This mandala design


15. This camel toe (heh)


16. This intricate orname design


17. This adorable little elephant


18. This kirby grip


19. Saturn


20. A map of the world


21. An arrow


22. 'Here'