4 Ways to Colour Correct Your Skin Perfectly

Cosmo tells you how you can fake the skin of your dreams!  

1. Reduce Redness

When you’re dealing with a flushed face or an angry breakout, green is your calming BFF. That’s because green and red are opposites on the colour wheel—they -counteract each other, says celebrity make-up artist Vincent Oquendo.

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2. Hide Hyperpigmentation

Dark spots, post-inflammatory marks from old breakouts, and melasma are tough to hide without layers of concealer. To the rescue: a yellow-tinted primer or corrector. It’ll neutralise uneven pigment and, bonus, minimise purple-coloured veins.

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3. Diminish Dark Circles

Red correctors can negate the bluish tones under eyes. “If your skin tone is light or medium, choose an orange shade. If you’re darker, opt for red,” says -Glamsquad Artistic Director Kelli J Bartlett.

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4. Brighten Your Tone

Tired or hungover? Get glowing with a blue (if you’re fair) or purple (if you’re dark) correcting primer all over. Both shades cancel out the yellow tones that can make your complexion look dull and fatigued.

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