A Celebrity Doctor Tells Cosmo Her *Exact* Night-Time Skincare Routine

In conversation with Dr. Batul Patel, Medical Director, The Bombay Skin Clinic. Use these products in the PM, for amazing skin in the AM!  

“My night-time routine is fairly simple. I use a brightening cream one night, and alternate it with an anti-ageing cream with active molecules like retinol, retinyl, and retinal, the next. This keeps my skin balanced. I swear by the Ultra V Idebenone Ampoule—a great antioxidant, it’s four times stronger than Vitamin C and 10 times stronger than co-enzyme Q10. It protects skin from environmental damage and increases its elasticity. And Sesderma Reti Age Facial Cream is my go-to anti-ageing product—it releases retinol in a sustained pattern, which gently exfoliates and refines skin. This also helps stimulate collagen and removes dead skin cells.”


(L-R) Sesderma Reti Age Anti-Ageing Facial Cream, amazon.in, ₹2,800; DDK Ultra V Idebenone Ampoule, amazon.com, ₹5,800 approx