This is the Lipstick Jennifer Aniston Always Wore On Friends Aaand How You Can Snag the Same Shade!


Friends remains our favourite show from the '90s, so much so, barely a day goes by where we don't quote it (could we be any more obsessed?) And it wasn't just the killer one-liners, we also got some pretty serious fashion and beauty inspiration from Phoebe, Monica and Rachel.

Yup, back in the day, everyone who's anyone was after 'The Rachel' haircut. But, it's not just her hair that we were obsessed with, we also spent countless hours trying to recreate her makeup looks, too.

One thing she was rarely seen without was her go-to lipstick, and you'll be pleased to know, we recently discovered the exact shade...

*drum roll, please*

According to Pop Sugar, Jennifer revealed that the lipstick she always kept in her makeup bag whilst filming Friends was: "MAC's Paramount, particularly that colour... because after all, it was the '90s."

MAC Paramount

The burnt, brick orange screams nostalgia, and it's had a resurgence of late thanks to the influx of '90s beauty trends we're coveting once again. The beauty of this lip colour is that it also suits all skin tones, too, so it's pretty perfect for, well, everyone.

*Orders 10* 

Can't hit the MAC stores to snag this shade? Well, check out our list of Paramount dupes :

Maybelline Coffee Addiction

Maybelline Coffee Addiction


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Sephora “Yum Yum”