4 Ways to Incorporate Shades of Tangerine in Your Make-Up

There really isn’t a ‘right time’ to sport this gorgeous shade. What we love about this versatile colour is that all your best features are allowed to get a taste of tangy tangerine.        


Eye see you

Sunset smokey eyes were a major-rager on Instagram, but this season is more about letting The One shade shine. A wash of colour on the lids works well for both day and night. Apply a lid primer before swiping on eyeshadow to ensure the pigment stays put—it also makes the colour pop. Steer clear of creamy formulas as they tend to smudge, and pick a long-wear, matte one. Keep the face clean with a hint of blush, skip the eyeliner, and load up on mascara to keep the look edgy and non-fussy.


Bikini top, Rahul Singh; cape, Malini Ramani; earrings, Deepa Gurnani

Pinch me

Sporting the same shade on your lids and cheeks requires an experimental attitude. Orange blush looks great on olive skin tones, but fair and dark skin tones can also play with this hue as long as they have a hint of the same shade on either their eyes or mouth. It’s a bit gimmicky, yes, but the trick lies in using the same product for everything—it brings the whole look together, without making it seem jarring.


Choker, Outhouse; earrings, Radhika Aggarwal; swimsuit, Normaillot

Blurred lines

An orange mouth is the easiest way to incorporate this colour in your look. But instead of taking the sculpted, more-defined pout route, go for a blurred effect. You can achieve the same by putting the lipstick bullet in the centre of your lips and fade the colour out with your finger to the edge of your lips—this gives a more lived-in effect. Pro tip: don’t stick to the textbook shade of orange...apricots, tangerines, and carrots are all a go.



Lock it down

Now that you have the make-up formula pat down, it’s time to crack the hair code. Since orange is a strong colour, undone, carefree locks can soften the whole look. If you have wavy/curly hair, embrace it and enhance the texture with a cream, but if you have straight hair, slight beach waves will liven up the face (try the Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, 880).