Here's What Tattoo Removal, Lash Extensions and Other Big Beauty Treatments Really Feel Like

From lip tatts to lash extensions to Botox, we tell you exactly what to expect from these much talked about beauty treatments.    


1. Lip Tint Tattoos 

Makes your lips appear fuller and more pigmented. Ultimate #lipgoals, tick.


How it works:  First up, numbing cream is applied onto the area. Then, the aesthetician will draw on your lips with removable liner until you’re 110 percent happy. (Practice smiling and look at your lips from all angles.) The aesthetician will suggest ink colours, and once you’re totally satisfied, the process begins. They use a fine, non-traditional tattoo gun and work it across your lips in small sections. Dr Kiran Lohia of Lumiere Dermatology warns against the procedure. “It can appear fake and it’s very hard to remove as well. I always suggest people get lip lightening instead.”


Expect: It’s actually not too painful—it just feels like someone’s poking your lips with a toothpick. After, your lips will look (and feel) huge, but they’ll soon settle. Have it done at least one or two months before big events, as there can be swelling, flaking, and redness. Also, allow time for the pigment to soften, as initially it can look very bold. You’ll need a refresher within a few months to help it last (can be up to 10 years), but it’s otherwise low-maintenance.


Price: Lip Tint Tattoo from 3,300 to 19,900, and Lip Lighetning from 3,000 to 8,000 for two to four sessions, both at Lumiere Dermatology. (lumieredermatology.com)


2. High Definition Brow 

So you don’t have to pencil in your brows.


How it works: Brows are ruling the world of beauty right this minute, and this treatment will help you attain that gorge, sculpted shape that you envy Cara Delevingne for. The ‘brow doctor’ will assess the shape of your face and create a bespoke brow for you. The procedure promises to turn even the most sparse, over-plucked or unruly brows into perfect arches.


Expect: An almost painless procedure, it takes about 30-45 minutes to get the perfect brow shape for your face. It includes tinting, waxing and threading, with stylists using a specially designed formula to give you perfectly defined brows.


Price: From 599 at MyGlamm (myglamm.com)





3. Lash Extensions


How it works: Individual lashes are applied to your real ones, using an adhesive you can’t see. It’s a delicate process, and you should only have it done at trusted salons. A full set can take one to two hours—you just need to lie back and let the magic happen.


Expect: The therapists will place eye patches over your bottom lashes to prevent them from getting in the way. Then, they’ll get busy gluing on the lashes—“About 80-100 lashes go on each lash line,” says Sapna Bedi, Owner and Operator, Novalash India. When you open your eyes, they’ll check none are stuck in ‘weird’ ways, and you’re done. Important: you’ll have to be careful not to get them wet in the first 24 hours, and steer clear of oil-based beauty products or make-up removers—they break down the glue, and your lashes won’t last as long as they should (about four to six weeks).


Price: From 5,600 at Novalash (novalash.com)


4. Tattoo Removal

Because you don’t want your ex’s name etched on your arm forever!


How it Works: The clinician applies ultra-short pulses of energy to shatter the ink in your unwanted tattoo into tiny particles, which are absorbed and eliminated by the body.


Expect: You’ll wear protective glasses and receive a talk-through of the procedure. Really cold air is blown onto the area to numb it, then the laser treatment starts. It’s painful—like the original tattoo would have been. You might be shocked to see that the tattoo disappears, straight away, but alas, it’s an illusion—the ink is still there. For a small tattoo, each session only takes a few minutes. There will be some protective dressing placed over the area, and they’ll talk you through after-care to prevent infections. You might notice it blisters (which is normal) in the few days after treatment. It’s also best to keep in mind you may need up to 10 sessions, even for a small tattoo. But Lumiere Dermatology does offer the advanced R20 protocol that gets rid of tattoos in just one or two sessions.


Price: From 4,000 for small tattoos, and `20,000 onwards for larger ones at Lumiere Dermatology.


4. Light Facial Therapy


It evens out your skin tone, stimulates collagen production, helps acne-prone areas, and gives you a healthy glow.


How it works: There are three different lights your therapist will choose from: blue (for acne), red (anti-ageing), and near-infrared (healing). If you’re looking for a new skin pick-me-up and overall glow, or to reduce pore size, you’ll probably be recommended a course of red light treatments. If you want to reduce redness and inflammation from breakouts, they may use blue light as well. When the light is switched on, expect your eyes to take a minute to adjust. It’s bright—really, really bright! Once your eyes get used to it, expect the warmth of the light to totally relax you—you may just fall fast asleep—and when it’s switched off, you’ll miss it.


Price: From `5,700-`29,000 depending on the therapy at Lumiere Dermatology.


5. Fat Freezing

Cryolipolysis freezes fat cells to a temperature they can’t survive (around -6 degree celsius)


How it works:  A large suction cup is placed on the area you want to treat, gently sucking the skin in, while cooling paddles freeze it.


Expect: It isn’t as cold as expected, and after 10 minutes, the area goes numb. This isn’t an instant fix, but a long-term one. Drink loads of water and keep up the exercise, which helps speed up the process.


Price: The procedure is available at Fortis Radiance and the price varies according to the treatment area. (fortishealthcare.com)