10 Ways to Upgrade Your Overgrown Bob Hairstyle

Here's what to do if your once sleek and straight short hairstyle is growing out (and how!)

Among the list of high-maintenance haircuts, the chin-grazing bob hairdo would probably feature among the top five. So, if you are unable to tend to your tress troubles during the quarantine, here's a list of things you can do to spruce it up. And of course, to avoid the temptation of taking the scissors in your own hands:


jennifer winget

The easiest way to take of the sitch will be to opt for a messy, cool touseled look. All you need is to spritz your favourite sea salt spray or a low-hold hair spray or gel to slightly damp hair and scrunch. Your Insta Baddie look is done! 

Change your parting

changing part

Another no-fuss way to update your bob is to change the middle part into a deep side part and vice versa for a completely new hairstyle. Don't believe us? Try it out and thank us later.

Braided curls

braids short

If you want to add more definition to your #Wokeuplikethis bob look, just section and braid slightly damp hair. Wait for them to dry and open the braid for gorgeous beachy waves. Apply some mousse on your fingertips and rake through the curls to style them. 

Half up half down: Bob Edition

Some days when you can't even with life, there is the half updo to your rescue. If you a have a layered bob, you can section the longer pieces of hair on the sides and the crown into a bun. Leave the rest loose and get on with your life!  

Straighten them


Poker-straight hair is the epitome of sleek and stylish. So, bring out your trusty straightener and give your unruly bob some TLC. Remember to apply the heat-protectant serum before you begin.

Space nape buns

Princess Leia

If your bob is in the tedious 'ín-between' stage when it's neither too long nor too short, you may do well to opt for a futuristic style. Just twist or fold your hair into two (or more) buns on the nape of your neck instead! No more loose strands or flyaways and a perfect homage to Princess Leia. 

Half up space buns

Can't manage the aforementioned space buns? Well, try this half updo version.

Just accessorize


Bring out the barrettes, diamante clips and more. 

Sleek slick back

slick back

A slicked back look helps you amp up the edginess and also get some hair care in. All you need is to comb back your hair after you apply your hair mask or your regular oiling session. Add smokey eyes into the mix and you are golden!

Faux French braid

Saving the best for the last, if you thought you couldn't rock a cool braid with your overgrown bob, here's help.