Here's How to Style Your Quarantine Beard Perfectly

Battling beard-acne to shaving and trimming the correct way, here's a new beard-care routine to try out.

A shaggy full beard or an immaculately trimmed designer stubble—whichever beard style you may be partial to, it's time to upgrade your skincare to perfectly suit your quarantine beard. 

"Beards have always been in trend and now, even more so. However, maintaining or growing a beard is not about stopping all care. Maintaining, shaving and trimming a beard requires a certain kind of expertise. If not done properly, you may end up with skin problems such as dry scabs, cuts, and uneven sides," says aesthetic and cosmetic dermatologist Dr Simal Soin, founder of Aayna Clinic.   

beard styles

So, if you would like to take stock of your chinstrap situation, here are her tips to perfect your routine:

Shaving the right way

"Shaving in the wrong direction also causes ingrown hair. A lot of men tend to go in for a closer shave by going against the direction of the hair growth but that irritates the hair follicle and cause a lot of problems like folliculitis or pseudofolliculitis or bumps. Always shave in the direction of the hair growth and not opposite it."

Moisturise the facial hair

"It is a good practice to use a moisturising cream after you shave your beard to minimise the redness and irritation. You can also use a mild after-shave lotion that moisturises."

Find a gentle facewash

"Invest and use a gentle. cleansing or foaming face wash in the morning and evening. It is especially important to wash your face post-exercise."

Exfoliate, please

"Men have thicker skin as compared to women as a result of which they have more build-up of dead skin. So, it is important to include treatments such as medical facials once a month for regular cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating."

Never skip on sunscreen

"Use sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun as it prevents pigmentation, tanning and ageing."

Get an added boost

"Use a Vitamin C or a probiotic cream in the daytime to protect your skin from pollution."