The Best Foundations for a Dewy Glow

Wondering what’s the secret behind celebrities’ radiant, glowing skin? It’s using the ‘right’ foundation. If you want a natural-looking beaming skin, you need to invest in one of these foundations stat!

Luminous skin is just a few drops away thanks to these new-age formulas.

The One With the Staying Power

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

No make-up look is quite the talk of the town, and this foundation lets you achieve the same with total.

Rs. 0.00
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Enriched with aloe vera and English rose water, this foundation hydrates skin and leaves it looking fresh all day long.      

The One That Nourishes Skin

Just Herbs Skin Tint

While it's doing its job of blurring imperfections and masking blemishes, it also keeps skin moisturised and offers broad-spectrum UV protection, making sure all your needs are met by this one product.

Rs. 0.00
This skin tint is part skincare and part make-up, thanks to the goodness of ayurvedic herbs in the mix.   

The One With the Goodness of a Serum

Lotus Make-Up Ecostay Intensive Serum Foundation

This weightless, ultra-fluid foundation comes with anti-ageing benefits.

Rs. 0.00
The Bulgarian rose extract-infused serum formula deeply hydrates and nourishes skin, while the vitamin E provides anti-ageing benefits. 

The One That Offers Full Coverage and Luminosity

SUGAR Cosmetics Drop The Base Serum Foundation

The feather-weight fluid leaves you with a glowing, velvety texture, while powerful marine-based algae extract in the mix helps reactivate the metabolism of ageing cells and gives you a youthful appearance.

Rs. 0.00

This foundation contains an ultra-thin, skin-perfecting formula that provides seamless, buildable coverage.