Designer Nishka Lulla Shares the Secret Hack Beind Picking the Right Foundation

And...the one product that she swears by in her makeup arsenal!


When it comes to flaunting a flawless, blemish-free skin, the foundation is the MVP in your makeup arsenal. And, designer Nishka Lulla agrees. After all, her favourite product only amplifies her gorgeous sartorial designs!

 A great foundation, which matches your skin tone and type will easily conceal redness, spots, and patches of pigmentation. So, Nishka shares with Cosmo, a heartfelt letter to her favourite beauty product. Let's have a look...

“You might be tiny, but you help me reveal my inner light with total ease. You feel like silk against my skin and make it look like it is lit from within. All my imperfections seem blurred when I swipe you on...even on days when I am not feeling my best. I understand why so many women out there love you like they do, because you really are amazing, Luminous Silk Foundation!”

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, 
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