Super Hydrating Aloe Vera Face Washes for Clean and Supple Skin

Try out these aloe vera face washes that are sure to rescue your dehydrated skin and restore its lost radiance.

We all yearn for clear and supple skin that has natural luster. The easiest and often the most overlooked factor for achieving it by making sure that your skin is always hydrated. Our bodies comprise up to 60 percent water and the skin layers contain around 64 percent of it as well. Dull and lifeless complexion is often due to the loss of skin’s moisture due to environmental aggressors like heat, pollution and due to lack of water intake. Using hydrating products, especially containing aloe vera, is one simple way to restore skin’s moisture and here are some excellent face washes that will help you do exactly that.  

For Better Complexion

WOW Skin Science Aloe Vera Hydrating Face Wash

Dermatologically tested, it is safe and free of any harmful parabens, silicones and colour.

Rs. 0.00

Enriched with pure aloe vera juice, this face wash gently cleanses and provides ample hydration to the skin. With added hyaluronic acid, a humectant, which helps in drawing moisture to the skin and locking it in for long time periods, and Pro Vitamin B5, this facial cleanser improves overall skin tone and texture. Its green tea extracts protect the skin from environmental aggressors and calendula flower extracts plump up the skin from within.

For Intense Hydration

Oriental Botanics Aloe Vera, Green Tea & Cucumber Hydrating Face Wash

Suitable for all skin types, it guarantees hydrated and radiant skin that does not feel dry, stretched, or scratchy after a wash.

Rs. 0.00

Infused with precious cucumber, watermelon, and green tea extracts, which are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients, this face wash removes all the impurities gently and increases skin’s glow. Its aloe vera and glycerin combination helps in replenishing and maintaining skin’s natural moisture and sealing it in the skin’s layers for long durations.

For Acne Prone/Sensitive Skin

Kaya Youth Hydro Replenish Gentle Face Wash

This face wash deep cleanses and removes all the dirt, oil, make-up residue from the pores, leaving you with a refreshed complexion all day long.

Rs. 0.00

Developed by dermatologists and suitable for all skin types, this formula contains pure aloe vera gel that soothes inflammation, which makes it ideal for acne prone, sensitive, and irritated skin. It locks in the moisture and unlocks radiant, bouncy, and dewy skin.

For Herbal Care

Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash

Along with cucumber extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties and tones up pores, and helps further refine the complexion, this face wash prevents dryness and promises soft, supple, and glowing skin with every use.

Rs. 0.00

This soap-free, herbal formula contains natural Vitamin E, which along with aloe vera provides deep hydration to parched skin and moisturises it thoroughly.