The Best Styling Hacks For All Hair Types and Textures!

From stubborn curls and year-round frizz to thin and flat locks, experts at Looks Salon share what works best for your hair. 

If it comes to jotting down faux pas in the world of hair care and styling, you'd discover blunders aplenty. And, there may be a plethora of reasons behind these hair fiascos—including humidity or other seasonal changes, maintaining poor hair health, or picking the wrong product! Whatever the root cause may be, the point is that it interferes with your ability to seamlessly style your mane.

Nonetheless, while there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution to curb the hair crisis—keeping in mind varied hair types and textures—there certainly are a few expert tips that will come handy in handling your hair. Experts at Looks Salon, the brainchild of Mr Sanjay Dutta, give you the lowdown on how to style your hair to impress!

Invest in the Right Product to Combat Extensive Hair Damage

If your hair has undergone extensive damage, start afresh. "Cutting your hair to a shorter length and getting rid of frizzy dead-end strands could make way for a healthy, fuller appearance. Excessive amounts of heat when repeatedly applied to the hair may also pose to be a grave cause of concern, especially for those who experience a lot of frizz. Look to invest in a good hairdryer—possibly one that uses less heat—to ensure minimal damage and in turn, minimal frizz," explains an in-house expert.

The Ultimate Secret to Stunning Curls: The Longer, The Better

For those with lustrous curls—the longer your hair, the healthier the appearance and look of your mane. "Pro tip: style your hair while it’s still wet; damp. This hack will ensure that your hair is smooth, while also giving your curls a natural definition upon drying," informs an expert. By following this simple, non-damaging method, you'd not need to dependent upon heating tools to style your hair! 

Thin Hair, Don't Care: Layer or Bang it Up For Greater Volume

For those of you with thin hair, a suitable haircut could do the trick. According to a hair styling expert, layers and bangs are a great way to add volume and dimension to flat hair. Plus, opting for hair care products with minimal alcohol content would be beneficial in curbing this problem as well.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Extensive heat applied to the hair is no good, in any form. "Very hot water causes the hair to become dry, leading to an array of problems—frizz being one of them. Cold to lukewarm water works best for all hair types," reveals an expert. Excessive shampooing also strips the hair of its natural moisture. Why not use a sulphate-free alternative instead?

Soft-to-Touch, Great-to-Feel

Consider ditching the regular body towel for a softer material, to dry your hair. "Special towels made merely for the purpose of drying the hair could help in establishing a softer, natural dry, allowing it to make hair easier to tame," says an expert. An old t-shirt swapped out for a towel may also do the trick. "Also, try swapping to silk hair-ties and pillowcases. Known to be softer and hence smoother for your hair, many women swear by this hack and consider it to be a revelation in their hair health," he adds.

Find the Right Intervention For You: Hair Sprays or Keratin

A detangling spray running through the hair is a great trick to try. "Consult your hairstylist and establish a hair care routine using recommended products that work best for you. This can range from leave-in conditioners to a Keratin treatment, the key is to figure out exactly what suits your hair texture and type!" advocates an in-house expert.

These tried and tested tricks are worth a shot; en route to healthier, happier tresses.