How to Style Straight Hair: 5 Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know

From backcombing to applying conditioner the right way, hairstylists from Looks Salon share straight hair hacks that will change your styling routine forever. 

A fabulously flattering look, straight hair is all things chic, sleek and super stylish.

However, if not cared for correctly, your poker straight mane can quickly turn from fab to dull, flat and drab. In short, don't settle for lifeless locks! Instead, discover the right haircare arsenal—products and tools that suit your hair type and hair cut—and take note of expert styling tips and tricks that'll come handy while managing your mane at home. Senior hairstylists and beauty experts from Looks Salon—who have mastered the art of styling multiple hair types—share a few cardinal tips and tricks that every straight hair girl deserves to know.  

Avoid Over-Shampooing

While a clean, non-greasy mane is essential, one mustn't over-wash their hair. Shampooing too often can strip the hair of its natural nourishing oils, making it appear dry and dull. Hence, avoid shampooing multiple times in a week, and opt for a product that offers the goodness of natural oils to provide your hair with some extra sheen and lustre. Keep a dry shampoo handy for spritzing on, in case your tresses begin to look tired or greasy on a non-washing day.

It's All About the Volume

To add extra oomph to your locks, try massaging your hair with a serum or mousse upon washing. You can also blow dry your hair upside down or add a little hair spray to give way to a voluminous, fuller look. Alternatively, backcombing your hair ever so slightly can uplift and add volume as well. 

Making the Cut

As for any other hair type and texture, your haircut should be tailor-made according to the nature of hair. This may depend on a number of factors—from your facial features and body structure to your lifestyle, personality and how you choose to wear your hair. Layers, asymmetrical cuts and bob cuts are some of the many great options that create dimension and add volume to straight hair. 

Condition Your Hair the Right Way

Avoid conditioning your scalp, as it might make the roots of your hair oily. Instead, use generous amounts of conditioner on the ends of your strands and scrunch up while wet for texture.

Consider Highlighting or Colouring Your Hair

Pops of colour can add a fun element and dimension to straight hair. Try amping up your hair game with a hue of your choice or opt for conventional streaks for a classic, glamorous look.


All in all, don’t shy away from experimenting and let your hair do the talking!