5 Interesting Ways You Didn't Know You Could Use Your Lipstick

This versatile makeup product is your one-stop shop for all things glam!

There are no rules when it comes to makeup. While your mascara can double up as an eyebrow pencil, your lipstick can work as the perfect cream contour or cheek blush. However, acing your glam look all depends on if you choose to use these beauty products the right way. Celebrity makeup artist, Ashima Kapoor gives you the lowdown on all the unique, mind-blowing ways you can use your lipstick, and exactly how to do so.


Use it as a Blush

A well-known hack, you can use your pinks, reds and orange-hued lipsticks as a cream blush on your cheekbones. Just dab a few dots on your cheeks and blend it well with the help of a brush or you fingertips. You may also top it up with a powder blush to set it perfectly and make it last longer. Pro tip: Patches of rouge on your cheeks are ideal for a night out and soft, pastel pinks are perfect for a natural, dewy look. 


Use it as a Cream Eyeshadow

Is your eyeshadow palette way too bulky to carry? Don't worry, you can always rely on your favourite lipstick. Dab a lipstick—in the shade of your choice—on the eyelids and blend the creamy texture. Alternatively, if you're looking to intensify your eye makeup, you can always top your powder eyeshadow with a lipstick to give your eyes more dimension. 


Use an Orange Lipstick as a Concealer

If you have a dark under-eye area, orange often cancels the blueness under your eyes. Use an orange lipstick to conceal your under-eyes and top it with a concealer—first a shade darker than your skin tone, followed by a shade lighter than your skin tone. This 3-step process will perfectly conceal your under-eyes, bringing it close to the rest of your complexion. 


Use a Brown Lipstick as a Contour

Remember, cream contours last longer, as compared to powders. If you don't happen to own a makeup contour or don't prefer the powdered variety, you can always double up your brown lipstick as a cream contour. Mark the contour areas with the lipstick—cheek, nose and jawline, depending on the shape of your face—and blend it with a brush. You can top it with a contour powder if you want longer-lasting results. 


Use a Frosty Lipstick as a Highlighter

You can do without a highlighter to get your glow on! A frosty lipstick—in a silver or gold metallic shade—can be applied as a highlighter to the face. Depending on your outfit and your complexion, pick a silvery, golden frosty lipstick and dab it on the centre of your forehead, on the bridge of your nose, the cheekbones, the cupid’s bow, and on the tip of your chin. Voila!