A Handy Guide to Dealing With Summer Acne

A dermatologist tells you exactly how to deal with those pesky summer pimples!

As the sun gets brighter and our clothes get lighter, the summer season is officially here. While it may be the season when you can get the golden-hour lighting round the clock to click bomb selfies, it also brings with it the dreaded summer acne. 

Increased sebum production, a diet high on sugar (we are looking at you, sugary sodas!) and excessive sweating can make your skin susceptible to breakouts. Instead of resorting to harsh methods such as popping your pimples or trying to scrub them off your face with harsh physical scrubs, the key is to kill them with kindness.

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Dermatologist Dr Poorva Shah says, "In the summer, the sweat and oil production in the skin goes up. This makes you more prone to acne. All you need is a gentle skincare routine to avoid creating hospitable situations for the acne causing bacteria. So, include a good foaming cleanser or a cleanser made specifically for oily skin during the summers.Switch to a lighter, gel-based moisturizer too."

She also advises avoiding heavy makeup and even heavy or thick sunscreens. "Rinse your face with water multiple times a day and reapply a light, broad spectrum sunscreen each time. Use blotting paper during the day to blot away oil if you cannot rinse your face throughout the day. Avoid using heavy anti-ageing or other creams." 

As for your diet, this season is perfect to hydrate well. But, stick to water and non-sugar lemonades. Dr Shah says, "Any foods with a high glycemic index could trigger acne. So, avoid overeating foods with a high GI index such as bread, biscuits, cookies, chips, potatoes, milk, soft drinks and sugary drinks, chocolates or dried fruits."

Well, acne begone, now!