Acne to Tanning, 7 Easy Ways to Treat Your Common Summer Skin Problems

Is you skin acting out with the rising temperature? Check out how to prevent these common skin problems the easy way.

The stress of living through a pandemic and the rising temperatures can take a toll on your skin health. Both these situations can amp up your stress hormones causing skin issues such as acne, enlarged pores and the works. 

So, if you are looking to indulge in some self-care while social-distancing, here's help. Dermatologist Dr Poorva Shah tells Cosmo how to deal with some common skin troubles during this season: 



These are mall brown spots on the face that are quite harmless. Dr Shah says, " Freckles usually happen as a result of overproduction of melanin in response to sun exposure. They cannot be treated with creams or serums. Laser treatment is the only option to get rid of them completely." However, you can definitely lighten them to some extent by adding Vitamin C and AHAs, BHAs to your skincare regime.



Dr Shah says, "Increased oil production clogs the pores which leads to inflammation of the oil gland and then, infection. Sometimes, acne can lead to severe blemishes or pigmentation and scarring or pits. The treatment depends on the severity of the problem and can include anything from a specific skin care routine to oral medications to chemical peels and laser treatments. Your dermatologist will guide based on the severity."  Or, if you are in a pinch, invest in a pimple patch strip to take care of the problem.

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Acne scarring

acne scarring

"When your skin sustains permanent damage from a breakout it causes scarring. There are multiple treatments depending on the size and type of scarring. Your dermatologist will usually recommend single or a mix of procedures based on the type and extent. Scarring usually do not respond to creams. Micro needling, subcision, deep specific chemical peels and lasers are some of the options." 

Heat rashes

heat rashes

"These rashes are fairly common during hotter months and occur when sweat is trapped in the sweat gland due to a blockage. They usually affect individuals who are prone to excessive sweating. So, avoid these rashes by wearing loose cotton clothing instead of fitted synthetic clothing. Opt for gentle bodycare products and try to keep cool by avoiding hot and humid environment. If you already have the rash, please consult a dermatologist so they can diagnose you and then treat you accordingly. Do not self-diagnose. There are other rashes with a similar appearance." 

Enlarged pores

enlarged pores

"These occur due to increased oil production over many years and can also be a sign of aging due to reduced collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen infusion treatments, micro needling and lasers are some ways to reduce the appearance of the enlarged pores."



"Darkening of the skin at a deeper level. Although a superficial chemical peel may help to lighten your skin up to a certain extent it may not give a satisfactory result. Laser treatment with multiple sessions does give a better result. Use of sunscreen is a must to sustain results."

Dark circles

dark circles

"Dark circles can be a one or more signs your body is giving out. Usually a combination darkening around the eyes, increased vascularity and also a hollow under the eye called the tear trough. Darkening may respond slightly to creams and more to lasers. The hollowness is treated with injectable fillers. A combination of the above treatments will give you a noticeable result."