5 Coolest Summer Hair Trends to Try RN!

Want a summer makeover? These ideas are definitely worth trying 

If you are having a hard time with your hair now or are just tired of seeing the same old you everyday in the mirror, we believe you want a hair makeover. You may not be able to book an appointment with your hairdresser right away but you can zero in on a style and hair colour while you wait for salons to open. Before opting for a hairstyle do bear in mind that summer hairdos should be both functional and stylish. It should be low maintenance too, given the current situation and uncertainty. So to get you to makeup your mind we roped in Melissa Hughe, National Technical Head, Schwarzkopf Professional India, to suggest a few trending hairstyles. Read on and take your pick

Go short and cool 

summer hairstyle

Sport a short feminine cut with a defining fringe.

Spruce it up with shades of the summer – chocolates contrasted with cool slicks of lilac and grey.

For the styling – Use a heat protecting spray and high gloss serum. Iron the hair into place. Add an extra dose of shine spray to amplify the shine.

The end result: Effortless, confident and elegant!


Have fun with textures

summer hairstyle

Get some fun textured layers.

Try out the new color twist technique inspired by Tie Dye on the ramps! Add twists of brighter hues (flicks of green contrasted to a gold brunette base) to enhance texture.

For the styling – A curl enhancing cream cocktailed with a wet look gel. Scrunch, Diffuse dry & Shake it out!

The end result: Fresh, fun and fashionable.


Layer it up

summer hairstyle

Add some classic Internal layers for shape and volume

Brighten it with rich shades of chocolate contrasted with beige and pink hues.

For the styling – Prep the hair with mousse and follow the classic round brush blow dry technique to amplify volume and movement. Finish with a hold spray and shine spray for an extra dazzle.

The end result: Stylish, classy and sophisticated.


Opt for a flattering bob

summer hairstyle

Get a super textured freehand bob haircut.

Illuminate it with a melted fusion of red, gold and beige.

For the styling – Prep the hair with a heat protecting spray. Use a micro crimper to add texture and volume to the hair. A spritz of shine spray to finish the look. Wear it as is!

For a more dressed up look – isolate the top section of the head. Backcomb and fix with a strong hold fixing spray. Use bobby pins to fasten where required. Proceed by adding on sections to your high textured-do, fixing it with the spray as you go along.

The end result: Unique, abstract and freestyle.


Enhance your curls

summer hairstyle

Neaten and shape the outline of your beautiful curls with a cut.

Brighten and add more texture with the ponytail multitone foiling technique using shades of copper, red and violet, for the ultimate cherry curls!

For the styling – Prep the hair with a curl enhancing cream. Dry with a diffuser using max heat setting and medium speed. Fix with a strong hold spray.

The end result: Dreamy, spirited and cheery!

Images courtesy: Schwarzkopf Professional India