4 Face Yoga Exercises For a Firmer, Tighter and Slimmer Neck

Certified Face Yoga expert and founder of House of Beauty, Vibhuti Arora shows you *exactly* how to get rid of a 'turkey neck'. 

As most of us expend our efforts towards lifting and tightening the saggy skin on our face, we often forget to pay attention to another visually appealing aspect—the neck. With age, the texture of skin on our neck witnesses an unfortunate change, often becoming wrinkled and loose, popularly termed as a 'turkey neck'. It primarily occurs when the neck muscles begin to weaken, and the skin loses its elasticity or ability to stretch and stay tight.

However, one doesn't need to live with this common yet unattractive result of skin ageing! Trained Face Yoga expert, Vibhuti Arora recommends that you practice the following skin-altering facial exercises for a firmer, tighter neck. 


The Air Kiss 




The air kiss exercise is a powerful technique to achieve a chiseled jawline and a well-defined neck, along with toning down your double chin and erasing nasolabial lines around the mouth area. 

How to perform: To begin, make a pout (push your lips outwards with pressure) and look towards the ceiling. Blow out air through pursed lips, to the count of 20. Release the pout and smile to put pressure on the ends of your lips. Repeat the exercise 3 times, to the count of 20 each time. 


The Swan Neck 




The Swan Neck is a first level exercise designed for those who possess a double chin or a turkey neck. The exercise works to tone your neck and jawline, by tightening the facial muscles.

How to perform: Start by tilting your head towards the right so that your nose, right shoulder, and your head and chin are well-aligned. Next, place your lower lip on top of the upper lip and mildly tilt your head back, holding it to the count of 12. Repeat the exercise 3 times. 


Neck Stretching




This particular stretching exercise will not only tone your face, neck and shoulders, but will also ensure that your lymph nodes are prepared to stimulate the lymphatic fluid passage, propelling toxin removal and lymphatic drainage. 

How to perform: Begin by placing your left hand on your left shoulder and your right hand across your head, onto the left ear. With the help of your right hand, stretch your neck downwards towards your right shoulder with pressure. Feel the stretch on the side of your neck—from ear to shoulder. Hold this position to the count of 6. 


The Inverted Tongue




The inverted tongue exercise is aimed at jaw enhancement, and also prevents the neck from sagging due to loss of elasticity. 

How to perform: Roll your tongue and push it towards the palate (the roof of your mouth). Now, gently begin to tilt your head upwards, looking towards the ceiling. As your tongue continues to push the palate, you will experience a stretch in your jaw and platysma—a broad sheet of muscle fibres extending from the collar bone to the angle of the jaw. Continue pushing to a count of 20, and take rest afterwards. Repeat the exercise 3 times, with adequate rest periods in between each set.