Kiara Advani’s Makeup Artist Reveals How to Cop This Look

If you love a glamourous look that is fresh and not overpowering, then you are in the right place!

Kiara Advani loves makeup and there's no secret about it. Often experimental with her looks, she equally loves her muted makeup too. If you area fan of soft skin that's diffused with glow and pulled together with much focus on the eyes, then read on to know how you can copy this look with tips and tricks offered by celebrity makeup artist Savleen Manchanda. 


Savleen tells Cosmo that she wanted to keep the makeup look understated because "I didn't want to take away anything from Kiara's glam and the elegant sari she wore." Continuing, she said, "I wanted everything to complement each other and enhance her natural features. I wanted her makeup to be extremely glam and fresh but never overpowering." 

Thus, she opted for a natural look that enhances her eyes with soft lips and peachy blush and brings it all together with glowing skin. "Kiara had the same idea in mind and we just went ahead with it!" shared the makeup artist.

Snag Kiara's look with these steps


Savleen shares, "this makeup is supposed to enhance your features. Pick one and work towards it because whatever you wear, it will suit you." The key point to remember is to make sure everything looks fresh. "Kiara is blessed with great skin, which made my job a lot easier. We used a really thin layer of foundation and we kept the base dewy because it's really dry out in Kargil" she adds. Begin with a hydrating moisturiser and top it off with a glowing primer. Blend a sheer foundation to give you a skin-like base.

"For us, it was Kiara's eyes, hence we went for a soft eyeliner as compared to a harsh one. Moving to her brows, we kept it as natural and did enough to just frame her face" Savleen reveals. The makeup artist didn't add a pair of false eyelashes and instead just curled Kiara's eyelashes and added lots of mascara.

Moving on, she didn't harshly contour Kiara's face but "I added a generous amount of pink-peachy blush which looks like a natural flush of colour on her skin and a soft highlighter to pull the look together" she adds. 

To finish the look, the makeup artist added a peach lip colour to compliment the blush.

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