Try These Mattifying Sunscreens Perfect For Oily Skin

Try these mattifying sunscreen formulas that deliver optimal protection and keep you stress-free about sun damage with every application.

If you have been hesitating from applying a sunscreen thinking that it will make your oily skin even more greasy, think again. Concluding your skincare regimen with a sunscreen for shielding your skin from the destructive UV sun rays is imperative, irrespective of your skin type. Due to excessive sebum production, oily skin is prone to clogged pores as it attracts dirt and pollution. As a result, it is often plagued by breakouts and blackheads. So, here are some lightweight and high-performance sunscreens that offer optimal protection that will prevent your skin from turning into a greasy mess and will leave it with a matte finish, without clogging up your pores.


Powered by its revolutionary Full Light Technology that shields skin from the entire 360-degree sunlight spectrum, this light formula also provides an intense matte finish. Ideal for normal to oily skin, it contains SPF 50, which prevents premature ageing and pigmentation issues like tanning.


This feather-light, multitasking formula acts both as a daytime crème offering optimal hydration as well as a sunblock with comprehensive protection against sun exposure. Crafted with soothing extract of chamomile and antioxidant-rich white tea, ginkgo biloba, and olive leaf extracts, it helps skin fight free radical damage.


Containing advanced UVA and UVB filters, this non-comedogenic sunscreen is ultra-light and does not clog up pores. Ideal for acne and pimple prone skin, it contains SPF 50 for broad spectrum protection against sun damage and it does not sit heavy on your skin, while offering a matte finish post application.

Offering very high broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, this sunscreen is packed with skin-loving Vitamins A, C, and E. Enriched with the goodness of carrot seed and raspberry extracts, plus avocado oil, it keeps dehydration at bay and curtails fine lines and pigmentation issues.